About IQ healthcare

Gert Westert _8942 VerkleindIQ healthcare is a scientific department focusing on quality improvement in healthcare, and as such forms part of the Radboud university medical center. We feel that every patient should receive the best possible care according to scientific insight and this care should fully fit in with the values of the patient.   

We try to achieve this by carrying out scientific research projects as well as through education in the field of quality, safety and ethics in healthcare, thereby including not only service providers and policymakers but also future healthcare professionals. 

Apart from scientific research and education IQ healthcare is also engaged in applied research. The distinguishing value of our applied research can be explained by the fact that it has been scientifically embedded in an excellent way within IQ healthcare as a whole. We are therefore the best address for assignments concerning policy advice.

IQ healthcare is continually engaged in about 80 research projects; many of them national projects, but also a lot of international projects. We are also involved in many educational programmes. An increasing part of our work is carried out for our own university medical centre. The latest view of the Radboud university medical centre (2012) fits in exactly with our own views: patently distinguishable in quality, the patient as the most important factor in the care process and efficiency as a public responsibility. Making care better and safer is what we are continuously searching for. At the same time we are trying to make the costs of care sustainable "Saving lives and costs".

Gert Westert
Professor of Health Services Research and Quality of Care
Director IQ healthcare