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Head of IQ healthcare

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Prof. Gert Westert is head of IQ healthcare and professor of healthcare research/quality of care. Apart from his management work he studies the relation between quality and costs in healthcare.

An important theme in his work is: what does healthcare yield for patients, and for society as a whole? The sustainability of the Dutch healthcare system is also an important issue that will demand a lot of attention in the coming years. Costs are rising (too) quickly whereas the increase in quality is lagging behind. What is needed is an increase in the efficiency of the care system.  

Gert Westert studies the comparison between healthcare systems in various countries. His objective in this is to study what we can learn from others, and what foreigners can learn from our system. Our system has a number of very strong points: good accessibility and adequate primary care. Moreover, the Dutch have great confidence in their healthcare system.  

A theme Gert Westert has been studying for a longer period is the fact that large differences occur in quality of care between care professionals. It really does matter which care professional you go to. Even so, patients, care professionals and health insurers have but a limited knowledge of these kind of differences and the variation in practices.


Myriam Kassies, PA
Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare (IQ healthcare)
Radboud university medical centre
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