Prof. dr. Jan Kremer

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Professor of patient-centred innovations

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Prof. Jan Kremer is a gynaecologist with a passion for patient-centred quality and innovation. He is professor of patient-centred innovation at IQ healthcare, and advisor to the Board of Directors of the Radboud university medical center. Moreover, he is scientific director of MijnZorgnet, advisor to the healthcare practice of Booz & Co and member of the Supervisory Board of the Sint Maartenskliniek.

Upon finishing his training as a gynaecologist, he started working at the university hospital in Nijmegen in 1996 as head of the IVF team. He remained head until 2011, during which period his team made the transition to a large patient-centred organisation. In 2007 he was appointed professor of reproductive science.

In 2003 he initiated the 'Digital IVF clinic', an online community of IVF patients at the clinic in Nijmegen, where patients are for instance allowed to manage a medical file. The Digital IVF Clinic has been awarded with several prizes and nominations, and has meanwhile been upgraded to other areas. Together with professor Bas Bloem he founded MijnZorgnet in 2009, a platform for digital outpatient clinics and personal health communities.

Under his supervision, 18 PhD students to date successfully received their doctorate. He currently supervises 8 PhD students. Initially, his research theme was quality of care in reproductive medicine. Currently his focus is more on patient-centred innovations, with a leading role for online tools. Jan Kremer is (co)author of more than 150 PubMed publications. Up until now, his earning power is nearly 7 million euro.

He has held several managerial positions (board of the NVOG, IVF working group, DSRM, SQUART, ESHRE). Furthermore, he chaired several guideline paths and NVOG committees on freezing egg-cells and moral contra-indications for IVF.

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