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A.S. (Stef) Groenewoud, PhD is a health scientist and ethicist. His PhD thesis as a health scientist dealt with a study of the selections and choices of patients with knee arthritis, chronic depression or Alzheimer's Disease, and the role of the decision aids containing quality information in this process. His main research interest is the study of (regional) variation in quality, costs and health use, with the aim to contribute towards the improvement of the added value in healthcare.

Before starting at IQ healthcare, Stef was employed for ten years as a healthcare consultant at KPMG Plexus, where he worked as a project leader in the field of quality indicators, benchmarking and practice variation. As a senior researcher at IQ healthcare he has continued these activities since 2013, for example as a project leader of the “Atlas Practice Variation”, an assignment by the NPCF (Dutch Federation of Patients and Consumers), Zorgkaart Nederland (Healthcare map of the Netherlands) as well as the Dutch Care Institute. Stef also supervises two studies in the field of “End of Life care”, in which he is able to combine the health science point of view with his work as an ethicist.

As an ethicist (Stef holds a Master of Philosophy in Applied Ethics) he works both for IQ healthcare and Celsus academy for sustainable healthcare. His main focus here is on the ethics of policy, organisation and affordability of care. Among his publications on this subject are articles on selective contracting and budget policies, on the moral aspects of Michael Porter’s theory on Value Based Competition in Health Care and on Advance Care Planning in the last stages of life. Stef is also currently supervising a research project on responsible choices in insurance packages. He is a member of the editorial staff of the 'Lindeboom reeks' for medical ethics as well as a member of the advisory body of Pro Life Health Care Insurances.