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Kole, Jos

Assistant professor

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Jos Kole is assistant professor ‘professional ethics in healthcare’

He teaches professional ethics and philosophy in various phases of the curriculum of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences. Moreover, he collaborates in the so-called lectures on integrity for PhD students at the Radboud University Medical Center as well as teaching ethics for other healthcare professionals in training, such as nurses and Physician Assistants (through the HAN University of Applied Sciences and the Zorgacademie).

Jos also studies various themes of professional ethics such as ethical aspects of collaboration, the role of virtue ethics and professionalism, ethics of/in professional communication, justification of moral judgements, and redefining the relationship between patient and professional and the duty of professional confidentiality. He publishes articles on these subjects in national and international journals, as well as editing books. His research is connected to the IQ theme ‘Professional development and interprofessional collaboration.’

An example of a recent project of Jos is his study for the publication of the CEG (Centre for Ethics and Health) ‘Goed samenwerken. Een ethisch perspectief over de ethische aspecten van samenwerking in sociale wijkteams’  [Working well together. An ethical perspective on the ethical aspects of collaboration within community care teams]. This study resulted in a report, published by the CEG in March 2016.

In 2015 Jos published the following article with a colleague:
Hoven, M. van den, & Kole, J. (2015). Distance, dialogue and reflection: Interpersonal reflective equilibrium as method for professional ethics education. Journal of Moral Education, 44(2), 145–164.

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