Femke Atsma, PhD

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senior researcher

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Femke Atsma, PhD works as an epidemiologist and methodologist at IQ healthcare. She specialises in methodology and statistics in relation to quality of care studies. Femke is head of a team of statisticians and methodologists. Together with her team she advises and supports researchers with methodological and statistical issues.

Femke Atsma also works as a senior researcher, presiding over several research projects. One of her research themes is the occurrence of regional variety in the use of care. However, knowledge about these types of differences and practice variety is scarce, in patients, care professionals and health insurers alike.

Dr. Atsma is also very experienced in working with big data files, such as DIS data and various existing data registrations for monitoring objectives. She is also involved in several evaluation studies into the implementation of improvement interventions.

Femke Atsma studied biomedical health sciences at the university of Nijmegen. She then went on to do a PhD at the Julius Centre of the university medical centre Utrecht. In 2005 she defended her PhD thesis on the subject of reproduction factors and cardiovascular diseases. After that, she worked for seven years at Sanquin Blood Supply, first as a postdoc researcher and later on as a senior researcher. Her research at Sanquin focused on the health effects of blood donation on blood donors, while also working with big data files containing data on blood donations. Since 2012 Femke Atsma has been working at IQ healthcare.  

Publications: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Atsma+F