IQ healthcare coordinates education and training at departmental level. 

IQ healthcare contributes to professional training with a view to efficient, safe, patient-centred and ethically sound patient care through initiating, coordinating, implementing and evaluating activities in the field of education, instruction and professional training.  

Professional conduct presupposes reflection on a changing and learning environment in the field of quality improvement in patient care. Education needs to attune to current developments, such as changes in the healthcare system and the central position of the patient. Education focuses on knowledge, skills, creating an attitude as well as reflection. For students and teachers, education means a continuous learning process. Of central importance in this is sharing knowledge and creativity among students and between students and teachers. Professionalization of teachers is of vital importance.  


Dr. Hilly Calsbeek
Dr. Jos Kole


Jeannette Holtman, secretary 

Gerdie van Uden-Peters, secretary