Allied Health Sciences

The Chair of Allied Health Sciences focuses on value-driven allied healthcare in interprofessional networks. Allied health professionals, including dietitians, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech & language therapists, make an important contribution to promoting recovery and supporting patients in coping with their health condition in daily life. To enable value-driven person-centered care in our complex society, collaboration and coordination between healthcare professionals is needed. One way to do this is to organize care in care pathways and interprofessional networks.

The research and teaching activities within the Chair of Allied Health Sciences are aimed at quality improvement and implementation of allied healthcare in interprofessional networks; and at unravelling working mechanisms of allied healthcare and evaluation of new technologies and treatment strategies. The Chair has been embedded in a collaboration between the departments IQ healthcare, Rehabilitation and Orthopedics of Radboud university medical center and HAN university of applied sciences.

Prof. dr. Philip van der Wees is head of the research group Allied Health Sciences.

Dr. Thomas Hoogeboom is senior researcher in the research group Allied Health Sciences.