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Proefschrift 2015


Nienke de Vries              

Managing the decline: physical therapy in frail elderly

Carola Döpp

Making the jump-The translation of research evidence into clinical occupational therapy practice

Linda Kronenberg

Dealing with SUD and co-occuring AHDH or ASD. A study to inform better care for patients and caregivers

Nathan Hutting

Effectiveness of a self-management program for employees with complaints of the arm, neck and/or shoulder

Nicole Ketelaar

Choosing healthcare providers. Healthcare consumers' use of comparative performance information

Elvira Nouwens

Practice accreditation to improve cardiovascular risk management in general practice

Christantie Effendy

The quality of palliative care for patients with cancer in Indonesia


Ka-Chun Cheung

Learning from medication errors through a nationwide reporting programme

Margreet Warlé-van herwaarden

Clinical risk management of drug-related hospital admissions: strategies for their identification, reduction and monitoring

Arna van Doorn-Klomberg

Practice accreditation in general practice. Measurement validation and impact on chronic care management

Remco Ebben

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Exploring guideline adherence in the chain of emergency care

S. Rongen-van Dartel

Physical activity and fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis: a vicious circle?

Nienke te Boveldt

Patient empowerment by interactive cancer pain management. Bridging the gap between patient and caregiver