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Proefschriften 2020

Proefschriften 2020


Esther Kuipers

Pharmaceutical care in obstructive lung diseases: current and future practice

Sinta Kristanti

Caregivers for palliative care in Indonesia (CAPtAIN). Impact of caregiving on family caregivers of patients with cancer in Indonesia

Anita Heideveld-Chevalking

Identifying perioperative patient safety risks. Towards prospective measurement 

Lieke Dekkers

The art of observing the moving child

Christiaan Schakel

Fiscal rules for health, a guide and not a jailer? 

Yvonne de Man

Medical Practice Variation. Exploring patterns in care use of chronically ill patients in the Netherlands 

Babette Rump

Responsible care in times of antimicrobial resistance – caring for the carrier 

Anne Wichmann

Pin pin korori: Efficiency of palliative care delivery throughout Europe on a macro, meso and micro level 

Peter Vink

Through The Eyes Of Neuroscience Nurses

Lieke Dekkers

The art of observing the moving child

Bram Tilburgs

Advance care planning in dementia; Development and evaluation of an educational intervention in primary care. 

Rachel Forcino

Patient-Reported Measurement of Shared Decision-Making

Retze Achttien

Exercise as medicine in cardiovascular health. Recommendations for physiotherapeutic cardiac rehabilitation and determinants of physical inactivity

Femke Lamers-Karnebeek

Arthritis flare after stopping TNF inhibitor in RA: frequency, predictability and radiography

Nina Zipfel Beyond Value-Based Health Care. How to use outcome measurement to improve quality of care in heart care?