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Proefschriften 2021


Proefschriften en lekenpraatjes 2021



Silvio van den Heuvel


Searching for order in disorder: Self-management education for persons with bipolar disorders and their informal caregivers 

Charlotte IJsbrandy


Implementing physical cancer rehabilitation

 Annelie Monnier

 What is responsible antibiotic use?

Florien Kruse

 Healthcare provision: Open for business?

 Marieke Spijk-de Jonge

Patient-centered and disease activity based management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Wieland Müskens

 Implementing innovations in rheumatic care. Results from introducing a biosimilar and an eHealth application in daily clinical practice.

 Luc Hagenaars

 Reducing paper and sugar for fiscally sustainable healthcare systems Studies on administrative costs and junk food tax policies


 Marvin Berrevoets

Antimicrobial Stewardship Appropriate Antibiotic Care from the Patients’ and Professionals’ Perspective

 Femke Driehuis

 Manual physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment in infants: a cry for help
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 Floris Vlaanderen

 Towards seamless and sustainable care for Parkinson’s disease


 Eva Verkerk

 Less is more reducing low-value healthcare in the Netherlands

 Wytske Geense

 The impast of critical illness: Long-term physical, mental and cognitive health problems in ICU survivors

 Noortje Koolen

 The COPDnet integrated care model: a newly developed and effective care pathway for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease