Inzicht in goed antibioticagebruik


Van 22 tot en met 26 mei jl. vond de eerste ‘Dutch Masterclass for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Expert consultancy’ plaats in Berg en Dal. Deze cursus is ontwikkeld door prof. dr. Marlies Hulscher van IQ healthcare, dr. Jeroen Schouten (intensivist Radboudumc) en dr. Jaap ten Oever (internist Radboudumc). In deze cursus propageren zij het IQ implementatiedenken: hoe kunnen de deelnemers inzichten over ‘goed antibioticagebruik’ in hun dagelijkse praktijk invoeren? De cursus volgt hierbij het model van Richard Grol: definiëren & meten van goed gebruik, onderzoeken van determinanten, op geleide hiervan een verbeterstrategie kiezen en evalueren. Het feit dat de cursus focust op verbeteren maakt hem uniek.

Hieronder een kort Engelstalig verslag van de cursus:

The first Dutch Masterclass for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Expert consultancy took place from 22nd until 26th May 2019 in Berg en Dal. 40 professionals from 17 countries participated. This Masterclass offered a novel approach to education: rather than transferring information, a structured learning experience is organised around a personalised project. It engages concepts of implementation science in a clinical subject. An online pre-course provides basic knowledge. Follow-up by coaches reinforces the learning experience by elaboration and evaluation of the personalised project, an ‘often forgotten’ part of the learning process. Differences in backgrounds lead to lively discussions and stimulate learning from each other. During the project the participants are linked to a coach. This coach is an experienced Dutch IDP, microbiologist or pharmacist, depending on the problem the groups are confronted with. This coach was present during the course at several moments but will also provide follow-up once participants have returned home. This contact takes place through Skype and email but –if deemed necessary− a personal visit may take place. The goal of this Expert Consultancy is to evaluate and refine the project for 6-12 months. Experts are recruited and remunerated by PUM, the National Senior Experts organisation sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Masterclass received national media coverage (Radio 1) and got a very positive response from the WHO Director of the AMR directorate. The Global AMR centre from Denmark announced a visit to learn from this particular approach. Videos from the programme will be shown at the Ministerial AMR conference in the Netherlands (June 2019). The Masterclass was overbooked by more than 35 candidates the first time it was organised, showing a strong need for such programmes. In view of the positive reviews, the course has been confirmed for May 13th-17th 2020.

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