Prof. dr. Maud Graff

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Maud JL Graff (PhD, OT) is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Scientific Institute of Quality of Care Research (Department IQ healthcare) and the Department of Rehabilitation of the Nijmegen Centre for Evidence Based Practice Research Institute of the Radboud university medical centre in the Netherlands.

Her research themes are: development, evaluation and implementation of evidence based psychosocial and allied health care interventions, especially occupational therapy, for older people, esp. with cognitive disorders, and for other chronically ill people. All interventions are focused on improvement of participation in meaningful activities, improvement of self-management and quality of life (client and caregiver/family perspective) and improvement of quality of care and service delivery (professional perspective).

She supervises several national and international PhD projects in the field of the development, evaluation and implementation of self-management programmes based on occupational therapy and/or multidisciplinary psychosocial care for older people, and for chronically ill patients.

She graduated as an occupational therapist (OT) at the Occupational Therapy School for Higher Education in Amsterdam (BSc in 1992) and as a Health Scientist at the University of Maastricht (MSc in 1993), and for the last 18 years she has been working in both clinical practice and research . She received a cum laude PhD (in 2008) and seven Science Awards (in 2006-2009, from Dutch and foreign Ministries and Health Care Funds (ZONMw) on her studies on the development and evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of a community occupational therapy programme in older people with dementia and their caregivers (the COTiD program= the EDOMAH programme (in Dutch). This programme has first been published in a book in Dutch, and has also been translated and published in French. The book has been translated into English in a draft version, and will be published in English after adaptation to the British context (COTiD-UK version) . The research studies on the effectiveness and efficiency of EDOMAH (COTiD) have been published in high quality international journals (see reference list).She gives guest lectures at OT schools, educational programmes for general practitioners and geriatricians and other health care workers in dementia care. She has been invited for research and methodology lectures on several national and international conferences and congresses and for international OT master classes. She also gives master courses and post- graduate courses in COTiD (=EDOMAH) in the Netherlands and in several other European countries.

She is a member of the Dutch Occupational Therapy Association (EN), the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT), and the Pan-European Group on Research and Policy in Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia (INTERDEM group), as well as being member of the board of the Dutch Radboud Alzheimer Center (RAC) and of the international research advise group of occupational therapy research (ECOTROS)

She is a reviewer for several international journals on occupational therapy, medical journals and journals on psychosocial care for older people.

She supervises the following PhD research projects:

1) Evaluation of the effectiveness of implementing the community occupational therapy programme in older people with dementia and their caregivers (COTiD program= EDOMAH programma (in Dutch) in the Netherlands;

2) Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of COTiD in Germany;

3) Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an occupational therapy guideline in Parkinson disease (OTiP study);

4) Development and evaluation of the effectiveness of a self-management programme in deaf-blind older people;

5) Evaluation of a screenings and competence programme for caregivers of patients with dementia;

6) Evaluation of the process of dementia disclosure and the development of an communication model;

7) Development and evaluation of a multidisciplinary (occupational therapy  and home care nurses) programme for better continuity of care based on the COTiD programme;

8) Evaluation of instruments to assess functional abilities and participation of clients with hand problems (HandArt project);

9) Development and evaluation of a multidisciplinary programme to improve social participation of older people with dementia and caregivers (social fitness programme, a multidisciplinary programme of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and welfare organisations);

10) Evaluation of the quality of a chain of care for people with dementia and caregivers in two regions in the Netherlands;

11) Development , evaluation and implementation of COTiD -UK in the UK (VALiD project);

12) Development and evaluation of an occupational therapy programme for older people with physical disabilities in Belgium.